This non-skin GP-X Process Series is ZIPSET'S most advanced four color process series due to its superior dry times. It is a non-skinning vegetable oil based ink that stays open on the press for up to 2 days. Only the highest grade pigments are used in manufacturing to provide transparent colors which inevitably create the finest trap results. Coupled with a heavy pigment load and innovative additives, this series generates the sharpest dot mileage not seen with other brands. Packaged in 2.2 lb cans 



 This non-skin ZLX Process Series is ZIPSET's latest four color process inks that are specifically formulated to offer printers increased value and profitability in today's fast paced marketplace.  ZLX is a vegetable oil based ink that stays open in the can for up to 4 days. It offers fast dry efficiency coupled with excellent rub resistance which allows for rapid work and turn, job changes and post print finishing. This series also has a newer binder technology that optimizes ink and water balance increasing stability and efficiency on any size press. Outstanding transfer, release and gloss is also achieved. Packaged in 2.2 lb cans 




 The MAXX Process series is ZIPSET's newest sheetfed ink technology designed to reduce make-ready time and improve pressroom efficiency. Stable color control is achieved through the use of MAXX concentration of pigments. Proprietary resin technology allows for superior transfer and blanket release while providing high levels of gloss. This series is designed to keep up with today's fast paced print requirements. It sets up and dries quickly on a wide variety of substrates. The MAXX ink series is a vibrant, high quality ink that provides the versatility and reliability needed to achieve unrivaled print results. Packaged in 5.5 lb. cans 



Dense Black and N/S Dense Black


ZIPSET's Dense Black shares all the same excellent printing qualities as the GPX series. Proprietary resin technology allows for increased tranfer and blanket release while providing high levels of gloss. The Dense Black provides superior coverage, sharp dot reproduction and excellent rub resistance. Packaged in 2.2 lb cans

ZIPSET's TKO Black is suitable for a wide range of sheetfed presses. This series provides superior coverage, high gloss, excellent rub resistance and is especially suitable as a last down or perfecting intense black ink. Packaged in 5.5 lb cans



 ZIPSET's Waterless S Process Series is our high quality sheetfed waterless ink specifically formulated to provide stability and resist toning.  This is accomplished through the use of special vehicles which provide a higher CTI (Critical Toning Index) to give printers a wider operating window. The use of high end pigments produces sharp clean images. Its ability to set and dry quickly reduces turn around time and allows for faster finishing. Once dry, it is laser safe, UV coatable, imprintable, embossable and scores, folds and cuts without cracking or bleeding.



 ZIPSET provides 16 non-skinning Pantone® base colors designed to maintain stability and provide superior performance on a wide range of sheetfed presses. All bases have the distinguishable ZIPSET characteristics of being stay open, quick setting, fast drying, and consistent from batch to batch while providing high gloss and superior rub resistance. With ZIPSET's degree of consistency, make-ready time, down time and turn-around times are reduced.